Sunday, July 11, 2010


My husband and I love to spend a spare summer Sunday wandering around Harvard Square, poking in and out of book stores and catching up on a little people-watching.  I can't believe it took us so long to finally wander into Cardullo's, a long-standing institution in Cambridge.  I was glad that we finally made it in there today!  They have a great selection of cheeses, condiments (I am a sucker for a new tub of mustard), teas, and chocolates.  As we are only days back from Paris, I was particularly excited to find imported Nutella, Kusmi Tea, and Kinder chocolates.  Here's a shot of the best part of any store, the chocolate section!  Sadly, I forgot to search out creme de marron.  Has anyone had any luck finding that state-side?  I would love to tuck it into some crepes!

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  1. That photo reminds me of a little shop in Spokane called the Chocolate Apothecary. On April 15 this year, I got a free chocolate bar for doing my taxes. :-)
    I am attaching the link to their website:
    It is in an old building that was once a flour mill, right next to an amazing kitchen shop that offers classes. I happen to know a couple who teaches classes at the kitchen shop, and I happen to also know (completely separately), the lovely young woman who manages their cooking blog! (I have connections!) While you're at the glorious task of realizing how cool it is that I live near the Chocolate Apothecary (known for their amazing drinking chocolates), check out The Kitchen Engine, too:
    Then, when you become rich and famous for your fabulous blog, you can come visit me in Spokane!