Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Ooops, I bought a new cookbook...

So, I kind of, well, like, totally have a lot of cookbooks.  And when I say a lot, I mean, a lot.  I am pretty sure that I have more than her, but who's counting? 

And, I kind of, well, sort of, like, got another one.  But, in my defense, it was on my mental list of Cookbooks I Will Buy If I Find Them At a Very Good Price.  And I did...find it at a very good price.  And now it is happy on my night table.

I put this one on my list after borrowing it from the library a few months ago.  Okay, here is another embarrassing disclaimer.  I read cookbooks.  Like some people read novels.  In bed.  In the car.  The location and time are not important to me, but let's just say my cookbooks probably spend just as much time out of the kitchen as they spend in it. 

And this one, Modern Spice by Monica Bhide, was hard to put down.  Not only did the recipes look great, but Bhide has interspersed them with short essays and memoirs.  Among my favorites was a story about searching for authentic food in Dubai, and another about the author counting peas with her young son.  The essays are short and sparse, and this is definitely in the category of "a cookbook with a few very short stories" and not the category of "a book with a few very short recipes."

This is not a traditional Indian cookbook, but instead a modern cookbook that combines Indian flavors with international cuisine.  There is a long chapter of cocktails and drinks that I can't wait to delve into, including Guava Bellinis and Ginger Tea.  I am also looking forward to trying Indian-Style Chili in Bread Bowls, Pomegranate Shrimp, and Brussels Sprouts, Leeks, and Curry Leaves.  Perhaps I am alone here, but what could be more exciting than Brussels sprouts Indian style?


  1. The only thing more exciting than Brussels sprouts Indian style would be watching you steal them off the table at the holidays before anyone else has sat down! ;-) That sounds really yummy! Hope you'll post some recipes from this book...

  2. Have you seen the latest book by Allegra Goodman? It's titled, "The Cookbook Collector." There's a review in last Sunday's Boston Globe (the Ideas section).

  3. Yes! We saw that at the register when we went to pay for Modern Spice!