Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Coconut Sorbet

This could not be easier -- the hardest part of making it is just waiting for it to be done!  It has a rich, creamy consistency, but no dairy.  I made this for my husband to celebrate our big 1-month wedding anniversary, and he was quite content.  He has been hinting (subtly and not so subtly) that he would like me to make coconut sorbet for a year or two now, so it was about time that he got his wish!  I dare say, he looked quite content with the result. 

This recipe contains (well, more like consists of) an ingredient that was new to me, cream of coconut.  This is different than coconut milk, and it is found near the cocktail ingredients (like the margarita mix) in your supermarket.  It is also, by the way, looks completely disgusting when you pour it out of the can.  Close your eyes and have faith!  I added very small amounts of cardamom and lemon juice to mine -- next time I'd like to try doubling the amounts, or perhaps using lime juice instead of lemon.

Coconut Sorbet
serves 4-6

1 can Cream of Coconut (such as Coco Lopez)
1 can water
1/2 tsp vanilla
1/2 tsp lemon juice
1/2 tsp cardamom

1. Shake the cream of coconut vigorously.
2. Open the can and pour it into a mixing bowl.  Try to ignore and forgive its appearance.
3. Add the can of water, the vanilla, the lemon juice, and the cardamom.
4. Whisk the mixture vigorously.  Your ice cream maker won't mix this for you!
5. Pour into your ice cream maker and follow the manufacturer's directions.


  1. OH HONESTLY! I am so emailing this myself and can't wait to try it... that is one of my favorite flavors ever! I dont have an ice cream machine but I'm hoping I can make it more like a granita ... it will taste the same anyway :)


  2. Looks like the perfect recipe to make on hot, muggy days like we've been experiencing. I just had the most deliciously creamy coconut ice cream in NJ, and I'm guessing this sorbet would be just as good!

  3. Can I place an order for this for Thursday? I have some key limes I could share. Reminds me of the delicious cardamom ice cream we used to get at Rancatores, but yours is also nut free, which is a bonus. By the way, have you seen the recipes for rice and eggs in "Vegetarian Cooking for Everyone?" We did a "it's late and the fridge is empty except for little bits of lots of things" version last night. Yummy.
    Lumberjill from Blueberryhill

  4. As the "dishwasher" in question, I can confirm that the sorbet was definitely worth the wait!!

  5. Mmm cardamom and coconut. I can live off of cardamom and coconut. What a sweet (pun intended!) thing to make for your husband. Happy 1 month anniversary!

  6. I am a serious lover of all things coconut! This is my idea of heaven!