Sunday, August 1, 2010

Destiny Achieved: Homemade Crackers

A Little Bit About Me, In a Timeline

1981: Born.  Resembled cauliflower at birth, or so I have been gently informed by my mother.
1990: Develop favorite game, called Concoction, which involves me mixing together various things in my mother's kitchen.  OJ and Cool Whip, anyone?
1990: Concoction is outlawed in our house, several months after its inception.  It appears it was a rather messy sport.  Yet I never told the babysitters I wasn't supposed to do that...
1996: My sister and I get our first subscription to Martha Stewart Living.  I begin to dream of making ice cubes shaped like bowls with little flowers inside.  Also, I dreamt of shopping at Ann Taylor.
2004: Dressed up as Betty Crocker for Halloween.
2010: Made homemade crackers.  Clearly it was meant to be!

I made Spicy Cornmeal Parmesan Crackers, from Joy the Baker.  I highly recommend you check this recipe out!  These crackers are really so easy to make -- she's right, the dough comes together in your food processer in about 7 minutes.  You let the dough rest while you put your food processor in the dishwasher.  Then you happily roll, cut, and bake, and try not to eat these faster than you can get them out of the oven!  I am definitely writing this recipe down in my recipe journal.  These would be a great low-maintenance hors d'oeuvres to serve.  I also think they'd be great as a holiday gift!  Wouldn't you love to get some homemade crackers and perhaps a little jar of chutney instead of yet another box of cookies? 

Just one or two tips -- I found that I had to add a little flour to the dough after I turned it out of my food processor because it was a little sticky.  I also floured my rolling surface and pin rather frequently.  I used white flour instead of white whole wheat, which worked just fine.  I can't wait to play around with this recipe, adding different spices and herbs.  Wouldn't a little rosemary or thyme be great instead of the spicy cayenne?

And one more thing...Joy the Baker, if you ever read this...why did you not tell me these have addictive properties?


  1. Funny coincidence! I made my first batch of parmesan crackers the other week (just have't had a chance to blog about them). Mine looked like and tasted like Cheez-its, but mutch better. I'm impressed by how professional yours look and I totally agree on them being extremely addictive!

  2. ummm homemade crackers... i bet it's so delicious! I really have to try this :)

  3. Hi bcallegra -- where is your recipe from? I'd love to try it! Mmm, cheeze-its! Now I need to figure out how to make Wheat-Thins!