Thursday, August 5, 2010

Walnut Honey Cake

First things first, don't forget to to enter the giveaway for Adam Reid's book, Thoroughly Modern Milkshakes. This is a fun book, with shakes ranging from the Rhode Island Coffee Cabinet to the Fresh Fig Shake.  Rest assured, there is an entire chapter devoted to chocolate shakes.  Just click on this link to get to the post and enter the contest.  And people, the odds are looking good.

Second things second, I made a cake. 
Remember how on The Donna Reed Show and Leave it to Beaver, the moms were always making some nice homemade dessert to eat after dinner?  Yeah, well, before I watched Martha Stewart on TV, I watched Nick at Nite.  And now I fantasize about making cake for Monday night desserts.  That pretty much never happens during the school year, but since I'm off for a few weeks in the summer...hello, weekday cake! 

The recipe comes from the September, 2003 issue of Martha Stewart Living.  I'll let you just click on over here for it.  This makes the perfect weekday sort of cake.  It is humble looking, but rich in honey flavor with a delicious crunch from the walnuts.  With no butter or oil, you don't need to feel too guilty about eating this.  To tell you the truth, I have been pondering eating this for breakfast the past couple of days.  Honey, walnuts, applesauce...sounds like breakfast to me!  And about that applesauce -- I think this is perfectly appropriate use of applesauce in baking.  The flavor and texture blend well with the honey, instead of intruding and needing to be disguised.  Also, if you make this, you just might need to lick the honey spoon, which is reason enough,I think!


  1. Wow two of my favorite things. This sounds delish!

  2. Isn't it nice to have cake on a random day of the week--no special occasion, but just because. My sister is vegan and I'm always looking for recipes that convert well to a vegan recipe with egg substitutes and this one looks like it would. I'm going to pass it along to her.

  3. It looks really wonderful. We love walnuts. The picture looks stunning :)

  4. I fantasize about being one of those 50's wives - but then reality kicks in! It's pretty rare to have a dessert after dinner, but this cake looks like one I could pull off any night!

  5. Delish. Absolutely delish. Must try making this ourselves...for some reason we always forget about how fabulous Martha is!