Monday, August 8, 2011

Barbecue Smoked Turkey and Caramelized Onion Sandwiches

This is a lovely little sandwich for dinner, especially if you have tons of barbecue sauce floating around your fridge.  It earned rave reviews from my husband!  Do you like to have sandwiches for dinner?  I love sammie night, though I do usually try to serve a side.  Notice, ahem, how that sandwich stands in solitary confinement on that there plate.  No comment...

This sandwich is a great combination of flavors: sweet, smoky, sour, and hot.  It was inspired by one in Jennifer Bushman's Kitchen Coach: Weeknight Cooking.  In my extensive collection of cookbooks (and in my silly heart), there is a very special place for weeknight, everyday, home cooking books.  This one is great -- it truly presents a solution for every problem.  

I'm not sure you really need a whole recipe for sandwich.  We had ours on honey wheat bread, made fresh in our bread maker last night.  Do you have a bread maker?  That was my first time using it, and I'm obsessed already.  Do you have any good recipes for a bread machine?  I can't wait try more!

Here's what we had on our sandwiches:
-- low fat shredded cheddar cheese, melted onto the bread under the broiler
-- smoked turkey
-- caramelized onions
-- red barbecue sauce
Load up, and enjoy...with plenty of napkins!  If I'd gotten my act together enough for a side dish, I think corn on the cob would be perfect, don't you?

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